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Woolie Snowmen are NOT just for Christmas

31 Jan 2017

I used both our Snowman's Village and Top Hat Snowman for Christmas.

NOW I have brought both of them back out to cheer me up for Winter Decorating!

They are perfect at my house and can be at yours too.


The colorful Snowman's Village has different motifs on either end....just for more FUN.
A happy Snowman perches at the top of his world with his petite 
"Village" all around him. 

We have a handy Wool Kit to go with the pattern so you can start right away
and Applique before Sping pops up in a few months!

Here is a QUICK LINK to the Snowman's Village for more information and ordering.


How about our plump little Top Hat Snowman pillow to make your favorite chair quite festive.
A jolly fellow with a "coal" grin to decorate your Home for Winter!

I especially love the Easy-to-Make Red Houndstooth fringed wool ruffle!

This pillow has a great Complete Kit to create your pillow this Winter Season.

Here is the QUICK LINK to find Top Hat Snowman's information and Add to Cart button.

Wool Applique is a wonderful way to relax during the day or in the evenings.


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