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    Wool Fleece 3 Oz.

    100% Wool Fleece to stuff pillows and pin cushions.
    SKU: 463 - 3 Oz.
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    Our 100% wool fleece has been washed 4 times and carded making it beautifully fluffy.  Using wool fleece for stuffing is great as the wool fibers cling to the wool so much better than man-made fibers.  The fleece has retained a small amount of lanolin that is great for your pins and needles! 

    For pin cushions, I sometimes fill the entire pin cushion and other times just the outer edge by the seam.  The center is then filled with crushed walnut shells to give extra weight..Nice natural stuff you can find at the pet store or feed store!

    You will receive approximately 3 oz. 

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