Folk lore attributes Wool Applique “penny rugs” to table rugs created with woolen fabrics using coins or pennies as the pattern template often seen on vintage pieces dating from the Civil War era.

As with other Folk-art, everyday life design motifs are popular on original rugs. Designs were stitched with simple blanket stitch and other embroidery stitches and finished with a tongue shaped border.

Bird Brain Designs’ Wool Applique penny rug projects are created with a whimsical approach to this traditional folk-art craft using 100% wool!

Bird Brain Designs offers you Patterns plus Handy Fabric Packets and Kits to complete the project. 
Designs include Everyday plus Christmas, Easter and Halloween pillows, wall hangings,
ornaments, pin cushions and other needlework necessities.

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America Hooray! Pillow - Wool Applique Pattern

101 - Wool Applique Pattern

Celebrate America with a Patriotic Wool Appliqued Pillow.


and the Stockings Were Hung... Table Runner Wool Fabric Packet

327 - Fabric Packet

All the beautiful pre-felted wool needed to applique your stockings runner.
Purchase the Pattern and Perle Cotton colors separately.


and the Stockings Were Hung... Wool Applique Table Runner Pattern

327 - Wool Applique Pattern

5 Colorful Stockings Make a Great Table Runner - Super as an Ornament Too!


Bewitched Halloween Wall Hanging Materials Packet

404 - Material Pack Only

The Materials Packet includes, all the pre-felted wool, Perle cotton, needle and quill to hang your design.
Purchase the Pattern separately.


BIG FAT Pumpkin - Fabric Packet Only

232 - Fabric Packet

The Autumn Wool Colors you need to make your BIG FAT Pumpkin Pin Cushion. (Wool Colors may vary.)
Purchase the Pattern separately.


BIG FAT Pumpkin Pin Cushion Set Wool Applique Pattern


A Lovely Wool Applique Pumpkin, Emery Acorn and Black Crow for the fall season.


BIG FAT Tomato Pin Cushion Fabric Packet

231 - Fabric Pack Only

All the wool and cotton for your tomato, strawberry and needle case.
Please Purchase Your Pattern Separately


BOO Cat & Mouse Pin Cushion Materials Pack

511 - Materials Pack

Purchase your pattern separately.


BOO Cat & Mouse Pin Cushion Set Wool Applique Pattern

511 - Wool Applique Pattern

A Unique Wool Appliqued Cat Pin Cushion Set. A Fun FAT Kitty to mind your Pins and Needles.


Bunny Tails


Five Bunnies with Twitching Whiskers and Fluffy Tails! Easy-to-Do Wool Applique in cheerful Spring Colors.

From $10.00

Christmas Santa Pillow - Materials Packet

572 - Materials Pack

Your Materials Packet includes all the felted wool, #8 Perle Cotton, needle and red glass beads to make your Christmas Santa Pillow.Purchase your Santa Pattern Separately


Falling Leaves Table Runner Wool Applique Pattern

169 - Wool Applique Pattern

100% Pre-Felted Wool Adds Special Dimension to this Unique Wool Appliqued Table Runner.


Harvest Bounty Table Runner Pattern

228 - Pattern

Honor Harvest and its Bounty in Wool Applique.


Harvest Pumpkin Sewing Set


A fat and shapely Pumpkin Pin Cushion Plus a Needle Keep for Needles and your Scissors too...a Sampler of 8 Embroidery Stitches!

From $10.00

Just Be Claus Wall Hanging


A charming Primitive Santa Claus holds a hand full of Your OWN small Needlework Treasures!

From $10.00

Owl's Tree Scissors Case Wool Applique Pattern

418 - Wool Applique Pattern

Make a Cute Little Tree for Your Scissors to Live In!


Santa & Snowman Pin Cushions


A Pair of Plump and BIG Pin Cushions in Wool Applique. Use as Sweet and Petite pillows too!

From $10.00

Stars 'n Stripes Forever - 102


Celebrate ALL Patriotic Holidays with a Wool Appliqued Table Runner.

From $10.00

Top Hat Snowman Pillow - Materials Pack

573 - Materials Packet

Your Materials Packet includes all the felted wool, #8 Perle Cotton, needle and red glass beads to make your Top Hat Snowman Pillow.
Purchase your Snowman Pattern Separately


Wool Scrap Bag

772 - Wool Scraps 8 oz.

Half pound (about 8 oz) pack of 100% Pre-Felted Wool Pieces.


Woolen Love Table Topper


A pair of plump Woolie Lambs with plenty of charm and interesting texture.

From $10.00

Bee Hive Sampler Pin Cushion - Wool Applique Pattern

549 - Wool Applique Pattern

Applique Wool Bee Hive Sampler Pin Cushion with 10 Embroidery Stitches and Beautiful 100% Wool.


Christmas Santa Pillow

572 - Wool Applique Pattern

A Jolly Wool Applique Santa With a Clever Dimensional Beard.


Grandma's Tomato Pin Cushion


Wool Appliqued Tomato Pin Cushion like Grandma's vintage one.

From $10.00

Lace Scroll Pin Cushion Pattern

280 - Pattern

A BIG Wool Applique Pin Cushion with Lots of Character.


Pumpkin & Crow Pin Cushion Set


A Unique Woolen Appliqued Pumpkin Pin Cushion Set

From $10.00

Top Hat Snowman Pillow

573 - Wool Applique Pattern

A Smiling Wool Applique Snowman with Jaunty Top Hat.


Wool Applique American Flaglette Trio


Make it FLAG DAY Every Day! Celebrate the Red * White * Blue

From $9.00

Strawberry Emery Wool Applique

297 - Strawberry Emery Complete Kit

A Wool Applique Strawberry Emery with a traditional look.


Bouquet Table Runner

179 - Wool Applique Pattern

Make a beautiful Wool Appliqued runner 36" up to 42".


Eggs on Parade Wool Applique Table Runner

222 - Pattern

Colorful Wool Appliqued Eggs March Across this Table Runner.


Snowman's Village Table Runner - Wool Applique Pattern

299 - Pattern

Enjoy this Wool Applique Table Runner from Both Ends of the Table!


Folksie Santa and Star Hanging


A great Wool Applique Holiday Santa hanging from a Vintage Wooden Quill.

From $10.00

Penny Purse Pair


Two Wool Appliqued purses to use everyday.

From $5.25

BIG FAT Tomato Pin Cushion

231 - Wool Applique Pattern

HUGE Wool Appliqued Tomato Pin Cushion and Strawberry Emery like the old-time traditional set.




A Super Wool Applique Autumn Acorn Pin Cushion Set for Fall.

From $10.00

French Lavender Pin Cushion Set


An Elegant and Delicate Pin Cushion Set...Pin Cushion, Needle Keep and Emery.

From $10.00

Robin's Nest Pin Cushion

294 - Wool Applique Pattern

A Sweet Wool Appliqued Pin Cushion Nest Filled with Plump Robin's Eggs.

From $10.00

BIG Flowers Pin Cushions


Three Wool Applique Pin cushions with Unique Flowers in Beautiful Shades of Wool.

From $10.00

Lacey Heart Pin Cushion Sachet

339 - Wool Applique Pattern

An Elegant Wool Applique Heart Pin Cushion and Sachet.


Americana Needlework Accessories


A Pair of Beautiful Wool Applique Pin Cushions Plus a Scissors Case.

From $10.00

Elegant Floral Pin Cushions


3 beautiful Wool Applique pin cushion for your collection.

From $10.00

Spool Critters Wool Applique Pattern

142 Wool Applique Pattern

5 Very FUN Wool Applique Critters to Decorate for Spring and Easter or just Because!


Jingle Bell Santa Pillows


Make 2 Jolly Wool Applique Pillows with One Pattern.

From $10.00

Roly-Poly Wool Christmas Ornaments


Four FAT and Round Wool Applique Ornaments for your Holiday Tree Decorating.

From $10.00

Bee Skep Make-Do Wool Applique Pattern


Bees Fly over a Wool Applique Skep Mounted on a Vintage-Style Metal Clamp.

From $10.00

"Bird Brain" Make-Do


Our funny "Bird Brain" logo Birdie in a Wool Appliqued Pin Cushion on a Vintage Style Clamp.

From $10.00

Gray Speckled Hen Make-Do


An amusing Wool Appliqued Pin Cushion on a Vintage Style Clamp.

From $10.00

Falling Leaves Table Runner Wool Packet

169 - Wool Pack

All the Pre-felted Wools for Background and 5 Beautiful Shades of Wool for the Leaves.

Purchase the Perle Cotton separately.


Eggs on Parade Wool Fabric Packet

222 - Fabric Pack

All the fabric you will need to create your fun Parade of Eggs Table Runner.
Purchase the Pattern and Perle Cotton separately.


Easter Basket Table Mat

289 - Appliqued Wool Easter Table Mat

Decorate your Home for Easter with our Beautiful Easter Basket Table Topper

From $10.00

Pink Petal Pincushion - Wool Applique Complete Kit

193 - Wool Applique Kit

A Fun Little Wool Applique Flower Cushion for Pins or Sachet
The Kit includes the pattern, all the pre-felted wool needed, crewel embroidery needle and DMC #8 Perle Cotton!


Freebie - Valentine Heart Pin Keep

436 - Hand Embroidery Download


Scaredy Cat Design


The Free Downloadable Design. A Funny Little Wool Appliqued Halloween Cat Face.


Winter Snowflake Candle Mat

295 - Download Wool Applique Pattern

A Wool Applique Winter Snowflake Candle Mat for download


Spring Floral Candle Mat Free Downloadable Design

293 - Download Hand Pattern

A Freebie Wool Applique candle mat design for Spring.


Christmas Characters - Leaflet - Downloadable

129 - Download

3 Wool Applique Ornaments - QUICK & EASY TO MAKE!
Download and Start Today


Benjamin Bear No Sew Wool Kit


Kids in the Patch No-Sew wool art kit for children. Complete with glue stick, dowel, project sheet, and background.


Happy Halloween - Wool Applique Pattern

128 - Wool Applique Leaflet

Three Halloween characters to wear for the fall season.

$5.00 $3.00

Punkin' Pals Wool Applique Leaflet

130 - Wool Applique Leaflet

3 Funny Pumpkin Pals in Wool Applique for Halloween!

$5.00 $3.00

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