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    Wool Fabric is so Wonderful to Work with and create Wool Appliqué or Rug Hooking designs!
    Our Fabrics are 100% wool.....Mill-Dyed plus Plaids and Textures.
    Some are Hand-Dyed in Our Studio to Get Just the Perfect Color Shade.

    Our wool is 13 oz. per yard, 100% virgin wool.
    We have Felted all the wool for you so it is ready to use when you receive it.
     We wash ALL our Wool in hot water in the washing machine and dry in a hot dryer to
    Felt (shrink) the wool fibers so it will not fray when you applique.

    Because the Wool is Felted, "normal, traditional" measurements are altered:
    1 yard = 32" x approximately 50"  = $42
    1/2 yard = 16" x approximately 50"  = $22
    Fat quarter = 16" x approximately 23" = $14
    Fat eighth = 16" x approximately 12"  = $10
    8" x 8" Square = $4