Wool Fabric is so Wonderful to Work with and create Wool Appliqué or Rug Hooking designs!
Our Fabrics are 100% wool.....Mill-Dyed plus Plaids and Textures.
Some are Hand-Dyed in Our Studio to Get Just the Perfect Color Shade.

Our wool is 13 oz. per yard, 100% virgin wool.
We have Felted all the wool for you so it is ready to use when you receive it.
 We wash ALL our Wool in hot water in the washing machine and dry in a hot dryer to
Felt (shrink) the wool fibers so it will not fray when you applique.

Because the Wool is Felted, "normal, traditional" measurements are altered:
1 yard = 32" x approximately 50"  = $41
1/2 yard = 16" x approximately 50"  = $21
Fat quarter = 16" x approximately 23" = $12
Fat eighth = 16" x approximately 12"  = $9

You can, also, purchase yardage in continuous lengths - just give us a telephone call.

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Fabulous Applique Scissors


The Perfect Scissors for Wool & Cotton Applique.


Our New Wool Stash Squares Bundle

1135-New Stash Wool Squares

A Bundle of 8 Squares of our Latest Wool Styles


Surprise Wool Squares

850 - Wool Squares

6 Squares of a variety of Mill dyed, Plaids and Textures 100% Wool Pieces pre-felted (8" square or slightly larger).


Surprise Wool Strips

849 - Wool Strips

6 Strips in a Variety of 100% Wool Pieces pre-felted (4" x 12" or longer).


Autumn Wool Bundle


6 Warm Autumn Shades of Fat 1/8th Wool.


Old St. Nick Wool Bundle


6 Christmasy Primitive Wool in Fat 1/8th Wool for Wool Applique and Rug Hooking. (Limited Quantity of Bundles)


Wool - Pink

Pale Pink

From $9.00

Wool - Raspberry

A rich, darker shade of rose.

From $3.00

Wool - Scarlet


A bright, clean shade of "Christmas" red.

From $3.00

Wool - California Gold


Looks like baked Gingerbread...cookies and cake! Subtle combination of woven wool to create a warm, fall shade for Wool Applique and Rug Hooking.

From $9.00

Wool - Dragonfly


Soft toned geometrics, flowers, inner borders, lettering, Applique, fancy borders

From $3.00

Wool - Gemstone


A rich plaid Wool with shades of black, turquoise blue, red and gold combine into a lovely Wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Hot Tamale


A deep and "spicy' rich red.

From $3.00

Wool - Jack and the Beanstalk


Large Plaid with rich dark shades of Olive, Red and Gold.

From $3.00

Wool - Mustard Squares


Bold 3" squares of grayed Mustard Gold and Taupe shades combined into 6 different squares. Black lines define each of the squares.

From $3.00

Wool - Painted Turtle


From $3.00

Wool - Pine Island


From $3.00

Wool - Ragged Robin


A wonderful herring-boned wool with rich orange tones.

From $3.00

Wool - Red, Red Wine


A tweedy textured wool with rich deep red with light red, too.

From $3.00

Wool - Rusty Zipper


Great for inner borders, outlining, fall leaves, branches, basket weaves, critter fur

Wool - Sweet Pea


Cats, Flowers, Ducklings... Oh My!! This wool would be great for all of these! Goes well with Pine Island.

From $3.00

Wool - Tiger Lilly


From $3.00

Wool -New England Red


Wonderfully rich red plaid

From $3.00

Wool - Peach

Nice peach shade for flesh tones.

From $3.00

Wool - Creamsickle


A yummy shade that looks just like the ice cream treat!

From $9.00

Wool - Copper

A clear medium shade in our Peach-Rust family.

From $3.00

Wool - Rust


A deep, rich red-orange wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Lemon

A delicate yellow shade perfect in pastel designs.

From $3.00

Wool - Gold


An elegant rich shade in the Yellow-Gold family.

From $3.00

Wool - Light Mint


The palest shade of Blue-Green wools.

From $3.00

Wool - Mint


A beautiful light Blue-Green shade.

From $3.00

Wool - Blue Spruce


A Fabulous Seafoam Blue-Green shade. Also known as Blue Green

From $3.00

Wool - Evergreen

A deep and lucious hunter green.

From $3.00

Wool - Lemon Grass

The lightest shade in the Olive wool family.

From $3.00

Wool - Bright Olive


A clear, bright Olive dyed especially for Bird Brain Designs.

From $3.00

Wool - Olive


The middle shade of Olive wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Dark Olive


The deepest shade in the Olive family.

From $3.00

Wool - Light Blue

The palest shade in the Blue Family.

From $3.00

Wool - Civil War Blue

A soft medium shade of blue.

From $3.00

Wool - Colonial Blue

A deeper shade of grayed Blue

From $3.00

Wool - Navy

A rich, dark shade of blue.

From $3.00

Wool - Lavender

Just the same shade as the sweet smelling lavender blossom.

From $3.00

Wool - Periwinkle

A Medium Blue-Violet Shade of 100% Wool.


Wool - Lilac

A pale lilac wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Camel

An medium shade of brown - "camel coat" color.

From $3.00

Wool - Chocolate

A yummy dark brown - like the candy!

From $3.00

Wool - Bleached White

Our lightest shade of White.

From $3.00

Wool - Natural White

An unbleached white wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Black


100% Pre Felted Wool in Black


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