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    Tiny Vintage Wooden Bobbins

    Tiny Vintage Bobbins

    335 - 2" Bobbin
    Tiny Vintage Wooden Bobbins 2" used in a shuttle to weave ribbon.
    Picture of Wooden Spool Assortment (10)

    Wooden Spool Assortment (10)

    677 Wooden Spools
    A Variety of Sizes, Shapes, Colors of 10 Vintage Wooden Spools.
    Picture of 10" Wooden Tube

    10" Wooden Tube

    1210 - 10" Tube Bobbin
    Tube shaped wooden bobbin once used in the Bates Bedspread Mill in Maine.
    Picture of Steel Band Wooden Bobbins

    Steel Band Wooden Bobbins

    10" Tall Wooden Bobbins with Steel Band on both ends