Think PINK Sachet/Pin Cushion - Wool Applique Pattern - Shipped

Manufacturer: Bird Brain Designs
Make a positive statement and create a beautiful Wool Applique Sachet/Pin Cushion!
This Wool Applique Pattern will be Shipped
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Make a positive statement and create a beautiful Wool Applique sachet/pin cushion while you do it. Fill with a combination of wool fleece, crushed walnut shells and lavender buds. A BIG thanks to you from us and many others!

Make all the wool applqiue pattern templates with our Freezer Paper - QUICK & EASY.

Our Materials Kit includes all the wool and Perle Cotton you will need plus a crewel needle.

Keep your Perle cotton balls safe in our fun "Bubbles" in your sewing basket. 

DMC #8 Perle Cotton used: 3347 Olive, 3348 Light Olive, 3685 Raspberry

Handy Hint
: thread a crewel needle with each one of your Perle cotton colors to speed your applique.

Pin cushion measures a generous 5" x 9" with squared boxed sides.

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