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    Stick 'n Stitch 12 Sheet Packet

    Printable "Fabric-Like" Film to Print Designs - NO TRACING.
    SKU: 536 - 12 Sheet Pack
    Availability: 28 in stock
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    Do you hate to trace designs for your needlework projects?  We have the solution for you - Printable Stitch 'n Stitch from Sulky!  Print your design with your copier, stitch your design and dissolve the film away in a generous amount of flowing warm water...EASY & ACCURATE. 

    Just print your design on your home copier.  Copy your design onto the "film" side of the Stick 'n Stitch.  Peel the paper backing away and finger press the printed film directly onto your fabric.  Add your embroidery hoop and get stitching in just minutes!   The easiest, fastest way to transfer designs for embroidery, applique, punch needle and needle felting.

    Easily dissolve the film from your finished embroidery.  (See the photo above.)  Place in your sink with a generous amount of running warm water.  You can "swish" your embroidery with your hand or use your kitchen spray hose to hasten the dissolving process.  If it drys stiff....wash again. I have been putting in the washing machine lately on gentle and it works wonderfully!   

    Stitch as usual following the design through the printed Stick 'n Stitch.  EASY!  We tried it for RedWork embroidery and on wool for Needle Felting and Embroidery.  When your stitching is completed, cut away excess Stick 'n Stitch and wash in warm water to melt the remaining film away.....NEAT.

    Dark fabrics are nearly impossible to trace an embroidery design.  Finger press your printed design on the dark fabric.  I found the Stick 'n Stitch adhered better to the fabric after the fabric was washed to remove the sizing. The printed design shows beautifully on the film pressed on the dark fabric.

    Wool fabric is, also, impossible to use with a light box, too thick.  Print your design on Stick 'n Stitch and finger press the film to your wool.  Embroider through the film and wool....very easy and effective.  An easy way to add designs to wool for Needle Felting, too. 

    Give Stick 'n Stitch a try on thick sweatshirts and t-shirts for embroidery too. So many more fabrics you can QUICKLY & EASILY decorate!

    NOTE: Store Your Stick 'n Stitch Flat in a Zip-Lock Bag

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