RedWork Snow People Hand Embroidery Pattern

Manufacturer: Bird Brain Designs
A Happy Group of Smiling RedWork Snow People
SKU: 410 - Hand Embroidery Pattern

This pattern has a complete kit that can be added.

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A happy group of smiling Snow People stitched in cheerful RedWork using #1915 Robin Red Perle cotton.  Stitch up these characters to warm all the chilly days of winter - not just for Christmas!  Add sparkling red glass beads instead of tricky French Knots coupled with wool applique dots, stars and hearts.  They add lots of texture and fun to your designs.

Make a long pillow or use it as a draft dodger to foil the cold winds coming under your door.  The large square pillow will make quite a statement on your favorite chair or on the couch.  Each one of the Snow People can be stitched individually too and made into small pillows or wall hangings.  Stitch with the Perle cotton on muslin and finish with your favorite red and white print and a turkey red solid. 

Trace your designs directly onto the muslin with a heat removable FriXion Pen.

If you DO NOT like to trace, use Stick 'n Stitch.  Print snowmen on 11" x 17" sheets of Stick 'n Stitch.  Pull off the printed film and finger press it onto the muslin.  Add your hoop and get stitching in minutes - super stuff!

Long Draft Dodger Pillow - 10 x 28"
Large Square Pillow - 17" x 17"
Little Hangings - 8" x 10"

Use Presencia #8 Perle cotton - #1915 Robin  Red.  Use a 7" Morgan No-Slip Hoop - the very BEST hoop.

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