RedWork Designs & Pillowcases

RedWork embroidery is relaxing, fun and easy!

Traditional RedWork designs use one stitch with a few other simple embroidery stitches added for special design features.
I prefer using Back Stitch for my RedWork as I find it stitches smoother around curves and corners.  
Bird Brain Design's RedWork designs also use many traditional and easy-to-do embroidery stitches to create designs
with texture and lots of interest.

Stitch RedWork embroidery with Presencia "Robin" Red (also known as Turkey Red) #8 or #12 Perle Cotton from Spain.
ALL of our RedWork designs are stitched with this. 

Perle Cotton is the "height of laziness" because you use the twisted Perle Cotton just as it comes off the ball. 
No need to separate any strands of floss to get all tangled up!
Keep your balls of Perle cotton nice and neat in our fun "Bubbles" when you carry them around in your sewing basket.