RedWork Designs & Pillowcases

RedWork embroidery is relaxing, fun and easy! Traditional RedWork designs use one stitch with a few other simple embroidery stitches added for special design features. I prefer using Back Stitch as I find it stitches smoother around curves and corners.  Bird Brain Design's RedWork designs also use many traditional and easy to do embroidery stitches to create designs with texture and lots of interest.

Stitch RedWork embroidery with Presencia "Robin" Red (also known as Turkey Red) #8 Perle Cotton from Spain....all of our designs are stitched with this. 

Perle Cotton is the "height of laziness" because you use the twisted Perle Cotton just as it comes off the ball.  No need to separate any strands of floss to get all tangled up.  Keep your balls of Perle cotton nice and neat in our fun "Bubbles" when you carry them around in your sewing basket.

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Key To My Heart RedWork

Everyday RedWork Valentines for Very Special People.

From $4.00

Loving Hearts RedWork

3 RedWork Designs to Make Each Day Valentine's Day!


Santa Claus Door Stop

A Handsome RedWork Embroidered Santa Claus Door Stop

From $6.00

Mr. Snowman Door Stop

Embroider a BlueWork Snowman Door Stop Just For FUN.

From $6.00

Playful Pups Pillowcase Pattern

Lots of Cute RedWork Puppies Scamper Across a pair of Pillowcases.


Quilts In The Garden - Hand Embroidery

Three RedWork Quilts displayed on a Clothesline in the Garden.

From $10.00

Santa Portrait Trio Hand Embroidery

Three favorite Santa Portraits Hand Embroidered wearing 3 Holiday RedWork outfits!

From $10.00

Santa Portrait Trio Machine Embroidery

Three favorite Santa Portraits Machine Embroidered wearing 3 Holiday RedWork outfits!

From $23.00

Spring Garden RedWork

5 RedWork Designs Loving Your Garden.

From $10.00

Scarecrow In Wheelbarrow

Embroider a Colorful Autumn Scarecrow in Wheelbarrow.

From $6.00

Sew Sweet Stitches Needlework Set

A handy RedWork Needlework Embroidery Set.

From $10.00

Snow Happens! Table Runner - Hand Embroidery

5 Embroidered BlueWork or RedWork Snowmen March Down Your Tabletop.

From $10.00

Trick or Treat Pumpkins - Hand Embroidery

Lots of Smiling BlackWork Halloween Faces. Stitch these Pumpkins as Pillows or as a Wall Hanging.

From $10.00

Vintage-look Key

Mini brass reproduction skeleton key. Add the Final Touch to your RedWork and Wool Applique!


Witches Hooray-Hand Embroidery

Halloween Witches in BlackWork to Decorate Your Home. This pattern is for Hand Embroidery

From $10.00

“Here Comes Santa” Hand Embroidery

12 Jolly Old RedWork Santa Blocks plus 20 more cornerstone designs that make terrific ornaments too!

From $15.50

Friendship's Garden Quilt

Celebrate Friends with a Charming Quilt Embroidered with Sentimental Sayings.

From $24.00

Snowmen & Reindeer Hand Embroidery Quilt

A Quilt of Snowmen and Their Reindeer Buddies Embroidered in "Chilly" BlueWork.

From $23.00

Love Me, My Cat Hand Embroidery

8 FUN Kitty Blocks to Celebrate your Cat On a RedWork Quilt.

From $20.00

Friends and Family RedWork

Celebrate friends & family with gifts.

From $10.00

Thinking of You!

Great Gifts for Special People.

From $10.00

A Cat is a Cat - Hand Embroidery

Kitties are Special - Make Them a Gift!

From $8.00

Anika's Angel

Personalize your Angel for someone special.

From $10.00

Angels Gather Here Hand Embroidery

Add a Sister or Two or Take One Away if There are Just Two Sisters! Have Some FUN.

From $10.00

Guardian Angels RedWork

Everyone can use a RedWork Guardian Angel Gift!

From $10.00

Four Seasons in the Garden

The best Traits of Each Season are stitched in RedWork Quilt Blocks.

From $10.00

Celebrate the Seasons

The 4 Seasons in RedWork or Embroider in many Pretty Colors of Perle Cotton.

From $10.00

Garden Sampler Handwork GreenWork

Delightful Garden Sampler GreenWork Wall Hanging and Ornaments.

From $8.00

Thyme To Garden BlueWork - Machine Embroidery

BlueWork Machine Embroidery with a Cheerful Garden Theme.

From $12.50

Thyme To Garden BlueWork Hand Embroidery

BlueWork Hand Embroidery with a Cheerful Garden Theme.

From $8.00

Fresh Strawberries

Emery and Pin Cushion Strawberries to add to your Sewing Basket.

From $8.00

Friendship Ties the Hearts

A pretty RedWork Embroidery Pillow with a String of Flowery Hearts

From $10.00

Easter Sampler

A RedWork or Colorful Sampler to Celebrate Easter and Spring

From $10.00

Kitchen Helpers Tea Towels

Vintage-Style Set of 6 Tea Towels

From $10.00

Easter Tea Towels - Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroider a Set of Towel Designs Specially Designed for the Easter Holiday.

From $10.00

Happy Halloween Hand Embroidery Tea Towels

6 FUN Halloween Tea Towel Designs to Decorate Your Spooky House!

From $10.00

The Hen Delivers Tea Towels - Hand Embroidery

These Hand Embroidered "Kitchen Chickens" are always Fun and Colorful Towel Designs.

From $10.00

Harvest Tea Towels

Six Seasonally Flavored Towel Designs for your Kitchen and Hostess Gifts.

From $10.00

Christmas Tea Towels

Cheer up your Kitchen for the Holiday - Make Great Hostess Gifts Too!

From $10.00

All American Santa RedWork

All American Santa RedWork Stocking and 5 Ornaments

From $6.00

Woodland Snowman RedWork - Hand Embroidery

Woodland Snowman RedWork Stocking and Ornaments for Hand Embroidery

From $6.00

Snow Mom Stocking

RedWork Snow Mom with her Little Snow Kids Playing in the Snow on a Stocking.

From $6.00

Santa and Toys Stocking

RedWork Santa is Surrounded by Toys for Good Little Girls and Boys.

From $6.00

Olde Tyme Santa Stocking

A Vintage Looking RedWork Santa Stocking.

From $6.00

Angelic Friends RedWork Stocking

RedWork Angel and Animals Stocking plus Ornaments are Perfect to Celebrate the Holidays With!

From $6.00