RedWork Designs & Pillowcases

RedWork embroidery is relaxing, fun and easy! Traditional RedWork designs use one stitch with a few other simple embroidery stitches added for special design features. I prefer using Back Stitch as I find it stitches smoother around curves and corners.  Bird Brain Design's RedWork designs also use many traditional and easy to do embroidery stitches to create designs with texture and lots of interest.

Stitch RedWork embroidery with Presencia "Robin" Red (also known as Turkey Red) #8 Perle Cotton from Spain....all of our designs are stitched with this. 

Perle Cotton is the "height of laziness" because you use the twisted Perle Cotton just as it comes off the ball.  No need to separate any strands of floss to get all tangled up.  Keep your balls of Perle cotton nice and neat in our fun "Bubbles" when you carry them around in your sewing basket.

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Night Before Christmas Hand Embroidery

Sweet Santa is coming tonight to deliver toys and Special things to Special People...."Kids" both small and large!

From $6.00

Night Before Christmas Machine Embroidery

Enjoy a lovely old-fashioned Santa to decorate your home while waiting for Christmas to arrive!

From $14.00

Presencia #1915 Robin Red Perle Cotton

Clear Blue-Red for RedWork Embroidery. Also known as Turkey Red.


Pumpkin Button

A jolly orange Pumpkin Button to add some extra FUN to your Halloweenie Embroidery and Quilting designs.


Santa is Coming Machine Embroidery

Sweet Santa is coming to celebrate Christmas at your home. This is for Machine Embroidery.

From $15.00

Santa is Coming RedWork Hand Embroidery

Sweet Santa is coming to celebrate Christmas at your home. This is for Hand Embroidery.

From $10.00

Scrappy Squares

Clever Quilt featuring Printed Fabric Robin-ism Sewing Sayings Panel...a MUST HAVE make your quilt!

From $10.00

Single Perle Cotton Bubble

Perfect Single Bubble to Hold Your Red Perle Cotton for Embroidery.


Snow Flake Button

A single Snowflake button to create a whole snow flurry to Embroidery and Quilting designs.


Snow Happy 4 Button Set

Set of 4 Fimo Buttons for Snow Happy Book's projects or for ANY Winter Design!

$8.00 $7.00

Snow Much Fun - Machine Embroidery

Lots of Friendly Snowmen in 9 Quilt Blocks Set with "Chilly" Blue Snow Happens Fabric. This is for Machine Embroidery

From $49.00

Trick or Treat - Machine Embroidery

Create FUN Halloween Pumpkins quickly and easily on your Embroidery Machine!

From $24.00

Snow Much Fun Quilt - Hand Embroidery

Lots of Friendly Snowmen in 9 Quilt Blocks Set with "Chilly" Blue Snow Happens Fabric.

From $24.00

Snowman Button

A fat little Snowman Button complete with Carrot Nose for Winter and Holiday designs.


Snowman Season - Hand Embroidery

3 BlueWork Designs filled with Wintery Snowmen to celebrate the Snowy Winter Season.....or make ANY Season "The Season"!

From $10.00

Snowmen by the Dozen - Hand Embroidery

A Full Dozen Snow People to Have Some Fun With in Winter and Holidays.

From $0.00

Snowmen RedWork Ornament Collection Machine Embroidery

10 Machine Embroidery RedWork Snowmen and Wintery Ornaments for your Christmas Tree.

From $18.00

Stick 'n Stitch

NEW NAME! Same Printable "Fabric-Like" Film to Print Designs On - NO TRACING.

From $15.00

Stitchin' Wisdom Machine Embroidery

12 RedWork Quilt Blocks with whimsical "Stitchy" motifs and sayings...perfect for the Embroidery and Quilting Lover!

From $45.00

Strawberry Stitcher's Tote Hand Embroidery - 1056

It's Strawberry Time ALL year with your Hand Embroidery Stitcher's Tote. Tuck your Strawberry stitching accessories into your tote and head to class!

From $8.00

The Witch Is In

3 amusing Embroidered Halloween Signs.

From $3.00

Three Christmas Friends - Hand Embroidery

Three Popular Christmas (Winter, too) Friends to help you Celebrate the Season!

This is Hand Embroidery

From $10.00

Timepiece In Stitches Quilt

A Beautiful Quilt to create with a Fat Quarter Bundle of In Stitches Fabric plus Feather Down or Tea-dyed Aged to Perfection Cottons!

From $140.00

Welcome Winter - Hand Embroidery

4 Sampler Blocks filled with Winter Snowmen and other motifs to celebrate the Snowy Winter Season.

From $24.00

Welcome Winter - Machine Embroidery - #939

4 Sampler Blocks filled with Winter Snowmen and other motifs to celebrate the Snowy Winter Season. This is for Machine Embroidery

From $47.00

Woodland Snowman RedWork - Machine Embroidery

Woodland Snowman RedWork Stocking and Ornaments for Machine Embroidery

From $18.00

Yard of Snowmen - Hand Embroidery

A Yard Full of Snowmen to Hand Embroider and Enjoy all Winter Long!

From $10.00

A Heart For an Old Friend

A thoughtful embroidered gift for Best Friends.

From $10.00

A RedWork Sampler

Learn 18 Popular Embroidery & RedWork Stitches.

From $6.00

Americana Celebration Tea Towels

5 Patriotic Embroidery Designs for Tea Towels.

From $8.00

Animal Stackers Hand EmbroideryTea Towels

LOTS of Embroidered Barnyard Animals Piled on Each Other for a Set of FUN Tea Towels.

From $10.00

BIG Egg Basket Leaflet

An amusing little RedWork embroidery design to welcome Easter.

From $3.00

Bless Our Home BlackWork

Three Dramatic Designs in Black #8 Perle Cotton on Pashmina or Tea-Dyed 'Aged to Perfection'.

From $6.00

Bonefied Best Friend

Lots of Dogs to Embroider and Love!

From $10.00

Bunny Bunch RedWork

5 sweet Bunnies for Spring, Easter and just because....

From $10.00

Bunny Rabbit Door Stop

A Perky Bunny Door Stop Pushing a Flower Cart to Hold Your Door.

From $6.00

Cat's Purrfect World RedWork

Honor your cat and all other cats with a special RedWork design.

From $8.00

Cowboy Santa Redwork Stocking

RedWork Cowboy Santa Stocking Celebrating Christmas!

From $6.00

Dog's Perfect World RedWork

Honor your Dog and ALL Others with this Special RedWork Design.

From $8.00

Fresh Picked Tea Towels

Fresh From the Garden - 6 Tea Towels For Your Kitchen.

From $10.00

Frozen Fred Stitchery Leaflet

Embroider a Winter Snowman Pillow or Wall Hanging.

From $3.00

Heart Button

Petite red plaid heart button, a fun trim!


Holiday Nine-Patch Redwork

Embroider Nine Holiday Motifs Special for Christmas. This Redwork Pattern is Great for Ornaments or a Pillow.

From $6.00

I Pledge Allegiance

Embroider some patriotic FUN.

From $10.00