Start your own Pin Cushion Collection - they are Fast and fun to create.  Bird Brain Designs offers you Kits and Patterns in Wool Applique, RedWork Embroidery and other whimsical and creative designs. 

Fill your pin cushion with pillow stuffing or crushed walnut shells.  We have, also, used a combination of pillow stuffing around the outered edges of the finished pin cushion base design and poured Crushed Walnut Shells in the center....a nice combination.  Use our lovely Lavender Buds to add a welcome sweet scent to your pin cushion creating a sachet use too! 

Pin Cushions make great gifts too!  Create something special for all the Gals in your Needlework World - they will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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2008 Plump Jack

Needle Felted pumpkin "Jack" with a surprised look on his face.

From $7.50

Flora the Kitty

A sweet needle felted kitten with a flower necklace and pumpkin basket.

From $10.00

Folk-Art Bunny

A petite little needle felted bunny with a wonderful face.

From $10.00

Footlong and Friendly

A really cute and friendly new Needle Felted pet pooch for you.

From $10.00

Friends and Family RedWork

Celebrate friends & family with gifts.

From $10.00

Harvest Pumpkin Sewing Set

A fat and shapely Pumpkin Pin Cushion Plus a Needle Keep for Needles and your Scissors too...a Sampler of 8 Embroidery Stitches!

From $10.00

HUGE Acorn

A HUGE Needle Felted Acorn for autumn decorating and perfect Pin Cushion!

From $10.00

Kit Kat Kitty

A grinning Needle Felted kat for Halloween.

From $7.50

Nigel Pumpkin

An amusing Needle Felted Pumpkin Make-Do.

From $10.00

Rubber Ducky

Needle Felted little duckling on vintage wooden spools.

From $10.00

Santa & Snowman Pin Cushions

A Pair of Plump and BIG Pin Cushions in Wool Applique. Use as Sweet and Petite pillows too!

From $10.00

Simply Hearts

Hearts are always just right but especially for Valentine's Day and for Gifts for Family and Friends!

From $7.50

The Sweet Hive

A Needle Felted Bee Hive complete with bee.

From $9.00

Traditional Tomato Pin Cushion

An Old fashioned needlework Pin Cushion.

From $9.00

Wanda Witch

A "lovely" Needle Felted witch for Halloween.

From $7.50

Americana Needlework Accessories

A pair of beautiful Wool Applique Pin Cushions plus a scissors case.

From $10.00

Bee Hive Sampler Pin Cushion

Applique Wool Bee Hive Sampler Pin Cushion with 10 Embroidery Stitches and Beautiful 100% Wool.

From $7.50


A Super Wool Applique Autumn Acorn Pin Cushion Set for Fall.

From $2.25

BIG FAT Pumpkin Pin Cushion Set

A lovely Wool Applique pumpkin, emery acorn and black crow for the fall season.

From $4.50

BIG FAT Tomato Pin Cushion

HUGE Wool Appliqued Tomato Pin Cushion and Strawberry Emery like the old-time traditional set.

From $7.50

BIG Flowers Pin Cushions

Three Wool Applique Pin cushions with Unique Flowers in Beautiful Shades of Wool.

From $7.50

BOO Cat & Mouse Pin Cushion Set

A Unique Wool Appliqued Cat Pin Cushion Set.

From $7.50

Elegant Floral Pin Cushions

3 beautiful Wool Applique pin cushion for your collection.

From $7.50


Emery to keep your Needles and Pin Sharp and Clean.

From $4.00

French Lavender Pin Cushion Set

An Elegant and Delicate Pin Cushion Set...Pin Cushion, Needle Keep and Emery.

From $10.00

Grandma's Tomato Pin Cushion

Wool Appliqued Tomato Pin Cushion like Grandma's vintage one.

From $10.00

Lace Scroll Pin Cushion

A BIG Wool Applique Pin Cushion with Lots of Character.

From $10.50

Lacey Heart Pin Cushion Sachet

An elegant Wool Applique heart pin cushion and sachet.

From $10.00

LadyBug Bead

Colorful small glass ladybug beads for your needlework.

From $2.00

Pumpkin & Crow Pin Cushion Set

A Unique Woolen Appliqued Pumpkin pin cushion set.

From $7.50

Robin's Nest Pin Cushion

A sweet Wool Appliqued Pin Cushion Nest filled with plump Robin's Eggs.

From $10.00

Sew Sweet Stitches Needlework Set

A handy RedWork Needlework Embroidery Set.

From $7.50

Spool Critters

5 Very FUN Wool Applique Critters to Decorate for Spring and Easter or just Because!

From $10.00

Thinking of You!

Great Gifts for Special People.

From $10.00

Strawberry Emery

A Wool Applique Strawberry Emery with a traditional look.


Lavender Buds - 2 oz. bag

Sweet Lavender to Add to Your Pin Cushions and Sachets.


Freezer Paper Sheets

A large pack of 30 sheets of handy Freezer Paper (8 1/2" x 11" sheets).