DMC #8 Perle Cotton is wonderful to use in embroidery as well as wool applique.  The #8 size is equivalent to 3 strands of embroidery floss.  However, it is the "height of laziness" as you use it just as it comes off the ball - no pulling apart the tangly strands of floss!! 

RedWork Embroidery is stitched with "Robin" Red.  We have switched from DMC #498 to a beautiful shade of "Robin Red"-Turkey Red by Presencia from Spain.  This Perfect Shade of Red is our #8 Perle Cotton of choice -#1915 - for your RedWork Designs.
We offer you many families of colors from light to dark plus many others you can use to accent your needlework.  When using the Perle Cotton balls, keep them safe in our fun "Bubbles".  Just tuck the ball inside the Bubble and draw the Perle out of the hole we have drilled in the clear plastic top.  The Perle will easily pull out when the final wrap around the middle of the ball is used up.  Have a great time! 

Search for the Perle Cotton color by number.  I often use a more generic name to describe a color in a Pattern Design and DMC may have another name.
The color numbers are always the same from embroidery floss to the 3 sizes of Perle Cotton. 

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DMC Perle Cotton Aquamarine #3814

DMC 3814

DMC Perle Cotton Aquamarine


Presencia #3400 Bird Brain Blue Perle Cotton

3400 - Presencia Bird Brain Blue

Bird Brain Blue, Beautiful for BlueWork


DMC #322 Blue Perle Cotton


Blue DMC Perle Cotton Floss - DMC Color #322


DMC Perle Cotton Ecru

Ecru Perle Cotton


DMC Perle Cotton Brown #434


medium golden brown


DMC Perle Cotton White


White Perle Cotton


Presencia #3405 Dark Bird Brain Blue Perle Cotton

3405 - Presencia Dark blue

Darker shade of Bird Brain Blue for BlueWork to use with 3400.