While straightening up the Shipping room, we discovered an

"older" Wool Applique Pattern.....just in time for Valentine's Day Gift making!

Valentine Hearts in Wool Applique.


Simply Hearts is Simply Perfect for Your Valentine!

Of course, Hearts are so lovely at any if you 


miss Valentine's Day.....make a batch of sweet 


Wool Appliqued Hearts just for You or future Gifts!




Add some of our delicious Lavender Buds to make the 


small Hearts into Sachets.....even nicer!




We have the Pattern again stock PLUS all the pretty


Wools we used to make our models.


The added Embroidery Embellishments on each Heart


is, also, FUN to do and adds so much to each little design!




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7/31/2017 6:51 AM
I do my "slow stitching" on Paper and my beautiful greeting cards, which I show and sell at craft fairs, my mother is 97 and she is still doing greeting cards this way, we are always looking for new ideas and patterns that we can adopt to our greeting cards. I am cora at
11/9/2017 11:02 PM
Incredible to read and to the point and concept is closed the matter. Thanks much

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11/9/2017 11:05 PM