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New Reward Points Program

24 Jul 2010

We are proud to offer the New Reward Points Program as our way of thanking our loyal customers for shopping with us.

Earn points by creating an account (5 Points) and by making purchases (1 Point for each $25 in online purchases) and then redeem them on future orders.

The program is Free.... all you need to do is create an account

To learn more visit the Reward Points Program page
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Thank you for starting the rewards program!  i was thrilled to receive my order so promptly.  Have a blessed day!  Debra

I have ordered in the past, but when I tried to order this morning, it treated me as if I was a new customer.  I re-created an account with my same info after I made my purchase as a 'guest'.  Will I still receive my bonus point?


What a great reward program!! Thank-you!!!
Many Blessings~Judy