Needle Felting & Wool Roving

Needle Felting is an old Needlework Technique that is enjoying new interest with updated designs and tools. You "Felt" 100% Wool Roving into designs and shapes using special needles with tiny barbs on the tips. The barbs “grab” the roving and felt the fibers together much like ratting your hair. It is quite easy to do – even the shaped designs.Working with basic shapes you can create all kinds of goodies!


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Felting Foam Block

Firm Dense Foam in a 2" x 9" block to create your Needle Felted Projects on...Save those Needles!


Roving Natural Brown Blend

Natural Undyed roving: Cream to Dark Brown.


Roving Natural Core Wool

Natural undyed wool perfect to needle felt a base, core shape.


Snow Happy Snowman

A chubby Needle Felted Snowman modeled after the Snowmen in the Snow Happy Embroidery Book!

From $10.00

2008 Plump Jack

Needle Felted pumpkin "Jack" with a surprised look on his face.

From $7.50

Blooming Heart Pin Cushion & Scissor Fob

A combination of Wool Applique and Needle Felting!

From $9.00

Flora the Kitty

A sweet needle felted kitten with a flower necklace and pumpkin basket.

From $10.00

Flying Party Pig

From $10.00

Folk-Art Bunny

A petite little needle felted bunny with a wonderful face.

From $10.00

HUGE Acorn

A HUGE Needle Felted Acorn for autumn decorating and perfect Pin Cushion!

From $10.00

Kit Kat Kitty

A grinning Needle Felted kat for Halloween.

From $7.50

Lamb's Curls

100% Wool Lamb's curls for your needlework.


Maya the Kitty

From $10.00

Nigel Pumpkin

An amusing Needle Felted Pumpkin Make-Do.

From $10.00

Pet Portraits Pin Cushions

Make a pair of needle felted pet to mount on a brie cheese box or a paper mache box.

From $10.00

Roving Blackberry

Shades of berry purple.


Roving Natural Gray

Natural Gray Wools blended, undyed Wool Roving


Wanda Witch

A "lovely" Needle Felted witch for Halloween.

From $7.50

Butterscotch Kitty

A perky and colorful Needle Felted kitty pet for you.

From $10.00

Sandy the Camel - 423

A Needle Felted camel with such an expressive and wonderful face.

From $10.00

Footlong and Friendly

A really cute and friendly new Needle Felted pet pooch for you.

From $10.00

Benjamin Bunny

Needle Felted Easter bunny with a back pack to fill with goodies.

From $10.00

Rubber Ducky

Needle Felted little duckling on vintage wooden spools.

From $10.00

The Sweet Hive

A Needle Felted Bee Hive complete with bee.

From $9.00

Traditional Tomato Pin Cushion

An Old fashioned needlework Pin Cushion.

From $9.00

Door Knob Santa

A Needle Felted Santa Claus on a vintage door knob - FUN

Ghoulish Girl

A "fetching" Needle Felted Witch for your Halloween decorating pleasure.

From $4.50

Folk-Art Santa Wall Hanging

A charming Needle Felted Santa hugs a fat star.

From $6.00