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    Stitching Friends enjoy getting Gifts that give them even more Pleasure doing what they LOVE - Needlework! 
    Find a treasure that will make your Family and Friends smile. 
    We have Vintage treats and handy accessories and a Gift Certificate that is "always just right"! 

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    Picture of LOVE Rustic White Letters

    LOVE Rustic White Letters

    Add some LOVE to your HOME (and Sewing Room!) with rustic Wooden letters. Tuck Christmas greens around the letters or scatter Valentine candy hearts arounds for some Holiday LOVE!
    $12.00 $9.00
    Picture of Crystal Egg Wreath

    Crystal Egg Wreath

    A Colorful Wreath of Eggs in sweet pastel colors.
    $10.00 $7.50
    Pewter Daisy Toppers

    Pewter Daisy Toppers (pack of 6)

    A pack of 6 charming pewter Daisy-cut toppers for your ball jars! Keep Perle Cotton in control or Contain Your Clutter!!
    Picture of Embroidery Stitches Pocket Guide

    Embroidery Stitches Pocket Guide

    Handy Embroidery Stitches Guide to Tuck into Your Sewing Basket.
    Picture of 10" Wooden Quills

    10" Wooden Quills

    341 - Vintage Quill
    Vintage 10" Wooden Quills.
    Bertie's Year - 12 Fast & Easy Quilts

    Bertie's Year - 12 Fast & Easy Quilts

    Enjoy Bonnie Sullivan's sweet little bird, Bertie, all through the year! 12 months of FUN creating Bertie's adventures in Applique and Embroidery.
    $25.99 $24.50
    Buttermilk Basin's Pick of the Crop

    Buttermilk Basin's Pick of the Crop

    Stacy West from Buttermilk Basin brings you Fall in Wool at its Best with her 18 Pick of the Crop Applique [projects!
    $26.99 $24.50
    Picture of Christmas at Buttermilk Basin

    Christmas at Buttermilk Basin

    Greet the season with handmade cheer from Stacy West!
    $25.99 $24.50
    Picture of Lavender Buds in 2.5 oz Gift Bag

    Lavender Buds in 2.5 oz Gift Bag

    370 - Lavender Gift Bag
    A Gift Bag of Sweet Lavender Buds
    Picture of Crazy Quilt Stitches Pocket Guide

    Crazy Quilt Stitches Pocket Guide

    A Handy Leaflet in Your Basket Teaching Basic and Combination Stitches for Crazy Quilting.
    $5.00 $3.75
    Picture of Steel Band Wooden Bobbins

    Steel Band Wooden Bobbins

    10" Tall Wooden Bobbins with Steel Band on both ends
    Picture of Hemstitched Pillowcase

    Hemstitched Pillowcase

    615 - Pillowcase
    A Cotton Pillowcase with a Decorative Hemstitched Edge.
    Picture of 10" Wooden Tube

    10" Wooden Tube

    1210 - 10" tube bobbin
    Tube shaped wooden bobbin once used in the Bates Bedspread Mill in Maine.
    Picture of Vintage-look Key

    Vintage-look Key

    584 - Key
    Mini brass reproduction skeleton key. Add the Final Touch to your RedWork and Wool Applique!
    Tiny Vintage Wooden Bobbins

    Tiny Vintage Bobbins

    335 - 2.5" Bobbin
    Tiny Vintage Wooden Bobbins 2" - 2.5" used in a shuttle to weave ribbon.