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    Easter Sampler - Hand Embroidery Pattern - Shipped

    A RedWork or Colorful Sampler to Celebrate Easter and Spring
    This Hand Embroidery Pattern will be Shipped
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    Stitch up this whimsical Sampler Pattern to celebrate Easter and Spring. Embroider in colorful shades of #8 Perle Cotton or in crisp RedWork using Robin Red on country looking Cozy Cotton fabric.....either sampler design is fun and relaxing to stitch

    Applique your RedWork Sampler on a perky red stripe fabric and then frame or add a quilted "fabric frame" with fanciful print fabrics. 

    Stitch up individual patches and frame, applique on a pillow or use as sachet designs. Make cute little pins using the many motifs. Have some fun!

    Trace your Easter Sampler directly onto your Muslin or Cozy fabric. 

    If you DO NOT like to trace, use Stick 'n Stitch.  Print the sampler easily on the full sized 8 1/2" x 11" Stick 'n Stitch.  Pull the Stick 'n Stitch off the paper backing and finger press onto your fabric.  Add your hoop and get stitching in just minutes - super stuff!  See a photo of the printed film above.

    #8 Perle Cotton colors used: 208 Dark Lavender, 309 Dark Rose, 334 (use 322 instead!) Medium Baby Blue, 351 Coral, 352 Light Coral, 780 Very Dark Topaz, 783 Gold, 801 Dark Coffee Brown, 920 Medium Copper, 3346 Hunter Green, 3814 Aquamarine

    Framed RedWork Applique - 11" x 14"
    Fabric Framed Wall Hanging 14" x 17"

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    This Hand Embroidery Pattern will be Shipped