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"Chicken Feed" - Chick on an Egg - #5064

Buy an adorable Easter Chick on a BIG Egg. Remember! A One-of a-Kind treasure!


"Tater & Tot"- Chicks on Vintage potato masher - #5063

Buy an adorable Hen and Chick on an old potato masher..."Tater and Tot"! Remember! A One-of a-Kind treasure!


100% Kitty Lover RedWork

3 Cute Kitty Designs to Embroider in RedWork

From $10.00

4 Seasons Machine Embroidery Button-Ups

Button-Up each Season with this Machine Embroidery Pattern on a RedWork Patchwork Quilted Background.

From $16.00

4 Seasons RedWork Button-Ups Hand Embroidery

Button-Up each Season in its turn on a RedWork Patchwork Quilted Background.

From $10.00

A Cat is a Cat - Hand Embroidery

Kitties are Special - Make Them a Gift!

From $8.00

A Cat is a Cat - Machine Embroidery

Kitties are special - Make Them a Gift with this Easy Machine Embroidery RedWork Design

From $20.00

American Flaglette Trio

Make it FLAG DAY Every Day!

From $9.00

Angels Gather Here - Machine Embroidery

3 FUN RedWork designs to honor Angels and Sisters. Add a Sister or Two or Take One Away if There are Just Two Sisters! Have Some FUN.

From $24.00

Believe In Santa Quilt - Machine Embroidery

Five Santa Blocks make a charming Christmas Quilt. Warm and cozy Holiday flavor with Just Be Claus fabrics in Tan, Red and Green.

From $13.75

Bird House Garden Hand Embroidery

A charming RedWork Garden to enjoy ALL year long in your Home. Embroider a long Table Runner and a Wall Hanging or smaller Table Topper.

From $8.00

Bird House Garden Machine Embroidery

Machine Embroidery patterns to create Bird House Gardens Home Decorating RedWork Designs.

From $22.00