Having the right tools makes all the difference!  Enjoy shopping our Stitching Accessories category and find just what you need to make your needlework experience the best it can be.
We have searched out unique, fun and just plain useful things for your sewing basket and sewing room.  Lots of our Stitching Accessories can make great gifts, too, for your stitching pals.  Have fun! 

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Red Mini Star Buttons

8 Red Petite (1/2") Star Buttons.


12" x 14" Quilt Stand

Clever Table Stand to Display Your Petite Quilts....12" x 14"


6" x 12" Quilt Stand

Clever Table Stand to Display Your Petite Quilts....6" x 12".


6" x 9" Quilt Stand

Petite Quilt Stand 6" x 9" to show off your Special Small Quilted Designs.


Black Mini Heart Buttons

8 Black Petite (1/2") Heart Buttons with "Stitching" Around the Edges.


Blue Mini Heart Buttons

8 Petite Blue (1/2") Buttons with "Stitching" Around the Edges.


Carrot Nose Button

Cute Carrot for any Snowman's Nose or Garden designs you stitch!


Cat's Face Button

A grinning Black Cat's Face Button to add some extra FUN to your Halloweenie Embroidery and Quilting designs.


Chalkboard Fabric

FUN Chalkboard Fabric to use and make many terrific projects! Kids will LOVE it!

From $2.00

DMC #996 Turquoise Perle Cotton

DMC Perle Cotton Turquoise #996 Turquoise #8 Perle for Embroidery.


Edison Light Bulb - 40 watt

An "old-timey" looking light bulb that is FUN to have in a lamp WITHOUT the shade.


Fabulous Applique Scissors

The Perfect Scissors for Wool & Cotton Applique.


Felting Foam Block

Firm Dense Foam in a 2" x 9" block to create your Needle Felted Projects on...Save those Needles!


Large Boat Shuttle

A very large hardwood Boat Shuttle once used to weave fabric.


Metal Rims Bobbin Lamp

Cute Lamp made with a Vintage Bobbin with metal around the top and bottom of bobbin


Mitten Button

A tiny Mitten Button to add to Snowmen or Santa Designs.


Rusty Jingle Bells

11 Rusty Jingle Bells in a variety of sizes from 1"+ down to 1/4".


Single Perle Cotton Bubble

Perfect Single Bubble to Hold Your Red Perle Cotton for Embroidery.


Organza Fabric Stabilizer

Bird Brain Designs' Favorite Stabilizer for Machine Embroidery....keeps the stitched piece soft and supple.

From $5.00

Perle Cotton 'Bubbles'

Our FUN holders for your #8 Perle Cotton...A dozen in the Bunch.


Presencia #1915 Robin Red Perle Cotton

Clear Blue-Red for RedWork Embroidery. Also known as Turkey Red.


Pumpkin Button

A jolly orange Pumpkin Button to add some extra FUN to your Halloweenie Embroidery and Quilting designs.


Red Mini Heart Buttons

8 Red Petite (1/2") Buttons with "Stitching" Around the Edges.


Ribbon Loom Shuttle & Base

A Wooden Shuttle used on a loom to weave ribbon.


Snow Flake Button

A single Snowflake button to create a whole snow flurry to Embroidery and Quilting designs.


Snow Happy 4 Button Set

Set of 4 Fimo Buttons for Snow Happy Book's projects or for ANY Winter Design!

$8.00 $7.00

Snowman Button

A fat little Snowman Button complete with Carrot Nose for Winter and Holiday designs.


Steamer Bobbin

A black Wooden Bobbin with Brass trim perforated for steaming yarn.


Wood and Wire Hanger

11" Hanger to Display Small Embroidery and Quilt Designs.


Wooden Bobbin Lamp

Cute Lamp made with a Vintage Bobbin with a small bobbin rim at the top and larger rim at the bottom.


"Gear" Bobbin

Vintage Wooden Bobbins with a "Gear" a One End.


Bee Button

A bright FIMO bee button to add charm to your designs.


Crazy Quilt Stitches Pocket Guide

A Handy Leaflet in Your Basket Teaching Basic and Combination Stitches for Crazy Quilting.


DMC#413 Perle Cotton

Dark Pewter Gray #8 Perle cotton.


Heart Button

Petite red plaid heart button, a fun trim!


Lamb's Curls

100% Wool Lamb's curls for your needlework.


Owl's Tree Scissors Case

Make a Cute Little Tree for Your Scissors to Live In!

From $4.00

Prim Metal Christmas Trees - #1107

A Pair of Clever Metal Christmas Trees to show off Special Holiday Ornaments, Wall Hangings or even Christmas Cards!

From $46.00

Stick 'n Stitch

NEW NAME! Same Printable "Fabric-Like" Film to Print Designs On - NO TRACING.

From $15.00

Tiny Vintage Bobbins

Tiny Vintage Wooden Bobbins used in a shuttle to weave ribbon.

From $4.00

Vintage-look Key

Mini brass reproduction skeleton key. Add the Final Touch to your RedWork and Wool Applique!


Robin Red Machine Embroidery Thread

Custom Dyed 40 Wt. Machine Embroidery Thread to Match Our Turkey Red #8 Perle Cotton.