Maywood Studio

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White Muslin Cotton Fabric

504 - White Muslin Fabric

A Soft White 100% Cotton Muslin for your RedWork and Embroidery


Tan Butterflies on Black Cotton Fabric

740 - Butterfly Black Background

Elegant Tan Butterflies on a Black Background with Tiny Tan Dots on 100% Cotton Fabric


Butterfly White/Blue Cotton Fabric

753 - Blue Butterfly on White Background

Elegant Blue Butterflies on a Natural White Background with Tiny Blue Dots on 100% Cotton Fabric


Cotton Fabric of Tiny Trees - Natural/Tan

975 - Tiny Trees Natural

100% Cotton Fabric of Petite Green Christmas Trees amidst a "Snowfall" of Red dots scattered on a rich tonal Natural & Tan Background...a terrific Holiday Overall Print.


Strawberry Pin Cushion Black Fabric

732 - Strawberry Pin Cushion Black

Strawberries, Pins, Needles and Scissors Scatter on Black 100% Cotton Fabric


Sashed Flowers Red Cotton Fabric

729 - Sashed Flowers Red

100% Cotton Fabric with Sweet Blossoms, Leaves and Dotted "Flowers" Create An Over All Print.


Butterfly Tan/Red Cotton Fabric

725 - Butterfly Tan/Red

Elegant Red Butterflies on a Tan Background with Tiny Red Dots on 100% Cotton Fabric


Scattered Natural Dots on Tan 100% Cotton Fabric

917 - Tan/Natural Dots

Natural Dots Scattered on Tan Ecru Background of 100% Cotton Fabric


Vintage Shirting - Red/Tan Cotton Fabric

893 - Red/Tan

100% Cotton Fabric of a Dark Red Background with Delicate Tan Patterns Reminiscent of Vintage Fabric Prints.


Sashed Flowers Blue Cotton Fabric

756 - Sashed Flowers Blue

Sweet Blossoms, Leaves and Dotted "Flowers" Create An Over All Print on 100% Cotton Fabric


Sashed White Flowers on Black Background on Cotton Fabric

743 - Sashed Flowers Black

100% Cotton Fabric of Sweet Blossoms, Leaves and Dotted White Flowers on Black Background


Cross Hatch Black Cotton Fabric

737 - Cross Hatch Black

Geometric "Stitches" Create a Pleasing Black Cotton Fabric
NOTE: Only 1 Yard Pieces Left!