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Heart Button


Petite red plaid heart button, a fun trim!


Carrot Nose Button

997 - Carrot Button

Cute Carrot for any Snowman's or Bunny's Nose or Garden designs you stitch!


Spooky Cat Face Button

1100 - cat button

A grinning Black Cat's Face Button to add some extra FUN to your Halloweenie Embroidery and Quilting designs.


Mitten Button

995 - Mitten Button

A tiny Mitten Button to add to Snowmen or Santa Designs.


Bunny Button

Bunny Button

A Bunny Button


Checkered Heart Button

Checkered Heart Button

A Red and White Checkered Heart Button


Doggy Button

Dog Button

A cute little pup- face of a button. Size is .75" x .80"


Fluffy Sheep Button

Sheep Button

A "baaatiful" button of an adorable sheep! Size is 1" x .75"


Kitty Cat Button

Cat Button

An adorable kitty button with Pink Ears


Monarch Butterfly Button

Butterfly Button

A Butterfly Button


Piggy Button

Pig Button

As cute as a pig can get... a really sweet pink piggy face button. It just says "oink"!


Pumpkin Button

1101 - pumpkin button

A jolly orange Pumpkin Button to add some extra FUN to your Halloweenie Embroidery and Quilting designs.


Ruth's Sparrow Bird Button

Bird Button

A Bird Button


Made with Love Silver Charms


"Made with Love" Silver Metal Heart Charms (Pack of 4)
7 mm x 7 mm


Red Mini Heart Buttons

770 - Red Heart Button Pack

8 Red Petite (1/2") Buttons with "Stitching" Around the Edges.


Vintage-look Wooden Buttons - Pack of 12


12 Vintage-look Wooden Buttons (approx. 3/4") Random Assorted designs.


Red Mini Star Buttons

1036 - Red Star Button Pack

8 Red Petite (1/2") Star Buttons.


Snow Flake Button

994 - snowflake button

A single Snowflake button to create a whole snow flurry to Embroidery and Quilting designs.


Snow Happy 4 Button Set


Set of 4 Fimo Buttons for Snow Happy Book's projects or for ANY Winter Design!


Blue Mini Heart Buttons

1004-Blue Button Pack

8 Petite Blue (1/2") Buttons with "Stitching" Around the Edges.


Snowman Button

996 - Snowman Button

A fat little Snowman Button complete with Carrot Nose for Winter and Holiday designs.


Tiny Red Heart Buttons

1123 - Button Pack of 8

Very Tiny Red Heart Buttons - just 1/4" wide!


Bee Button

544 - Bee Button

A bright FIMO bee button to add charm to your designs.


Button Pack for Snowmen & Reindeer Quilt

519 - Buttons

15 Wonderful Buttons to Spark your Snowman & Reindeer Quilt.


LadyBug Bead

323 - Ladybug Bead

Colorful small glass ladybug beads for your needlework.


Red Glass Beads


Red glass beads to add sparkle to your design.