Wool Fabric is so Wonderful to Work with to Create Wool Appliqué or Rug Hooking designs! Our Fabrics are 100% wool, All Woven in the USA and 95% come from the Woolrich Woolen Mills.  Most of Our Color Selection is Mill-Dyed While Others are Hand-Dyed in Our Studio to Get Just the Perfect Color Shade We Need to Stitch Up One of Our Unique Wool applique patterns.  Now You Can Buy ALL the Colors to Create Your Designs!

The wool is 13 oz. per yard, 100% virgin wool and is permanently moth-proofed for you.  
We have Felted all the wool for you so it is ready to use when you receive it.
When felted the wool will shrink.  We wash in hot water in the washing machine and dry in a hot dryer to shrink (felt) the wool fibers so it will not fray when you applique.

Because the Wool is Pre-Felted, "normal" measurements are altered as the Wool shrinks.

1 yard = 32" x approximately 50"
1/2 yard = 16" x approximately 50"
Fat quarter = 16" x approximately 24"
Fat eighth = 16" x approximately 12"

Enjoy Our Large Array of Beautiful Colors!

Please call us if you need an actual sample of the woolen color before you purchase.
You can, also, purchase yardage in continuous lengths - just give us a telephone call or an email.

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Surprise Wool Squares

8 squares of a variety of 100% Wool Pieces pre-felted (8" square or larger).


Surprise Wool Strips

6 strips of a variety of 100% Wool Pieces pre-felted (4" x 12" or longer).


Wool - Gemstone Plaid

Dark Plaid with Blues, Black and Yellow.

From $3.00

Wool - Once In A Blue Moon

Herringbone Weave of Aqua and Yellow-Gold.

From $3.00

Wool - TaterTot

Plaid with Camel, Rusty Brown with Green in lines.

From $3.00

Wool - Yellowstone Plaid

Plaid with Large Square in Camel plus Dark Gray and Brown.

From $3.00

Wool- Georgia Peach

Small Plaid with Warm Camel, Red, Brown and Gray.

From $3.00

Wool - Little Miss Sunshine

Cheerful and sunny Yellow with flecks of warm red/orange.

From $3.00

Autumn Wool Bundle

6 delicious Fall shades of Fat 1/8th Wool.


Country Christmas Wool Bundle

6 Country shades of Fat 1/8th Wool for Primitive Christmas designs.

$48.00 $46.00

Harvest Time Wool Bundle

6 warm Autumn Harvest shades of Fat 1/8th Wool for Fall designs.

$48.00 $46.00

Pastel Wool Bundle

6 Pastel Fat 1/8th wool shades.

$48.00 $46.00