Wool Fabric is so Wonderful to Work with to Create Wool Appliqué or Rug Hooking designs!
Our Fabrics are 100% wool, most Woven in the USA and 90% come from the Woolrich Woolen Mills. 
Most of Our Color Selection is Mill-Dyed While Others are Hand-Dyed in Our Studio to Get Just the Perfect Color Shade

Our wool is 13 oz. per yard, 100% domestic virgin wool.
We have Felted all the wool for you so it is ready to use when you receive it.
When felted, the wool will shrink.  We wash in hot water in the washing machine and dry in a hot dryer to
Felt (shrink) the wool fibers so it will not fray when you applique.

Because the Wool is Pre-Felted, "normal, traditional" measurements are altered as the Wool is Felted.
1 yard = 32" x approximately 50"  = $39
1/2 yard = 16" x approximately 50"  = $19
Fat quarter = 16" x approximately 23" = $12
Fat eighth = 16" x approximately 12"  = $9

Please call us if you need an actual sample of the woolen color before you purchase.
You can, also, purchase yardage in continuous lengths - just give us a telephone call or an email.

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Fabulous Applique Scissors

The Perfect Scissors for Wool & Cotton Applique.


Latest Wool Stash Squares

8" squares of our 6 latest Wool styles just arrived.

$18.00 $16.00

New Wool Stash Squares

8 squares of our latest 8 Wool styles.

$24.00 $21.00

Strawberry Emery Wool Squares

8" squares of Wool to create unique Strawberry Emeries


Surprise Wool Squares

8 squares of a variety of 100% Wool Pieces pre-felted (8" square or slightly larger).

$24.00 $22.00

Surprise Wool Strips

6 strips in a variety of 100% Wool Pieces pre-felted (4" x 12" or longer).

$18.00 $16.00

Wool Fleece

100% Wool Fleece to stuff pillows and pin cushions.


Wool Scrap Bag

Half pound (9-10 oz) pack of 100% Wool Pieces.


Autumn Wool Bundle

6 delicious Fall shades of Fat 1/8th Wool.

$54.00 $50.00

Mad For Plaid Wool Bundle

6 Plaid shades of Fat 1/8th Wool for Wool Applique and Rug Hooking.

$54.00 $50.00

Pastel Wool Bundle

6 Pastel Fat 1/8th wool shades.

$54.00 $50.00

Wool - Marmalade

100% Wool Plaid with cheerful and bright shades.

From $3.00

Wool - Musket Mustard

A rich "Dijon" Mustard Wool with fine dotted stripes of rust and brown overall.

From $3.00

Wool - Greens and Beans

A fun and novel REVERSIBLE Wool. One side is a nice gold with warm brown dots and the reverse has the nice brown background with gold dots.

From $3.00

Spring Garden Wool Bundle

6 perky Spring shades of Wool for Applique.

From $50.00

Summer Bouquet Wool Bundle

6 bright Plaid shades of Fat 1/8th Wool for Flowers and Garden designs.

$54.00 $50.00

Thanksgiving Wool Bundle

6 Autumn shades of Fat 1/8th Wool for Wool Applique and Rug Hooking. (Limited Quantity of Bundles)

$54.00 $50.00

Wool - Apple Butter

Rich Red/Orange of yummy Apple Butter with golden undertone heathered into the wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Lavender Fields

100% Wool Plaid with soft shades of blue, lavender and plum.

From $3.00

Wool - Petunia

A Rosy Red Plaid with light pink and Rose-Red lines plus rows of mustard hue.

From $3.00

Wool - Seasalt

White with a variety of light gray fine dotted stripes.

From $3.00

Wool - Tic Toc

A Wool with Dramatic Black and White geometric pattern.

From $3.00

Wool - Pink

Pale Pink

From $3.00

Wool - Rose

A hand-dyed rose wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Raspberry

A rich, darker shade of rose.

From $3.00

Wool - Scarlet

A bright, clean shade of "Christmas" red.

From $3.00

Wool - Montgomery

A deep Olive with a stripe of Red with Gold (1/2" wide) plus a Pinstripe of Gold.

From $3.00

Wool - California Gold

Looks like baked Gingerbread...cookies and cake! Subtle combination of woven wool to create a warm, fall shade for Wool Applique and Rug Hooking.

From $3.00

Wool - Dark Red (hand-dyed)

A deep hand-dyed "barn" red.

From $3.00

Wool - Dragon's Tail

A deep Olive mixed with lighter acid green tweed.

From $3.00

Wool - Gemstone

A rich plaid Wool with shades of black, turquoise blue, red and gold combine into a lovely Wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Gingerbread

Plaid with 2" squares of Gingerbread and Dark Green borders surrounding darker shades of Red/Brown.

From $3.00

Wool - Hot Tamale

A deep and "spicy' rich red.

From $3.00

Wool - Jack and the Beanstalk

Large Plaid with rich dark shades of Olive, Red and Gold.

From $3.00

Wool - Mustard Squares

Bold 3" squares of grayed Mustard Gold and Taupe shades combined into 6 different squares. Black lines define each of the squares.

From $3.00

Wool - Red, Red Wine

A tweedy textured wool with rich deep red with light red, too.

From $3.00

Wool - Sea Glass

Small checked wool with a soft Blue and Black combination.

From $3.00

Wool - Spiced Cider

A Herringbone with rich AND delightful Autumn colors.

From $3.00

Wool - Teal the Cows Come Home

Herringbone Wool in beautiful shades of Teals and Blues.

From $3.00

Wool - Burgundy

Deepest shade in the rose wool family.

From $3.00

Wool - Peach

Nice peach shade for flesh tones.

From $3.00

Wool - Copper

A clear medium shade in our Peach-Rust family.

From $3.00

Wool - Coral

A beautiful coral shade of wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Medium Apricot

A delicate shade in the orange family.

From $3.00

Wool - Rust

A deep, rich red-orange wool.

From $3.00

Wool - Lemon

A delicate yellow shade perfect in pastel designs.

From $3.00

Wool - Bright Yellow

A perky hand-dyed shade to accent the yellow family

From $3.00

Wool - Gold

An elegant rich shade in the Yellow-Gold family.

From $3.00