Spring is such a welcome season after a long winter. 
Redecorate your home with bright and cheerful kit and pattern designs to enjoy your stitching time all the way to summer.

Bird Brain Designs offers you whimsical and pretty designs in lovely colors for ALL of our needlework categories.  Wool Applique, RedWork, Embroidery and Counted Cross Stitch designs create table toppers, wall quilts, lap quilts and a bunch of great pin cushions and needlework accessories.  Have fun stitching your designs for yourself and for terrific gifts everyone will treasure.

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Americana Celebration Tea Towels

5 Patriotic Embroidery Designs for Tea Towels.

From $10.00

Angels Gather Here

Add a Sister or Two or Take One Away if There are Just Two Sisters! Have Some FUN.

From $10.00

Anika's Angel

Personalize your Angel for someone special.

From $7.00

Animal Stackers - Machine Embroidery

4 Tea Towel Machine Embroidered Designs with Plenty More Animals to Embroider!

From $18.00

Animal Stackers Tea Towels

LOTS of Embroidered Barnyard Animals Piled on Each Other for a Set of FUN Tea Towels.

From $10.00

Celebrate the Seasons

The 4 Seasons in RedWork or Embroider in Pretty Colors of Perle Cotton.

From $10.00

Floral Scroll RedWork - Hand Embroidery

Graceful Scrolls plus Pretty Flowers Dominate...a Taste of Jacobean Hand Embroidery Style in 4 Designs.

From $10.00

Good Morning! Let the Stress Begin

An Embroidered Motto Many of Us Subscribe To!

From $10.00

Joys from the Garden RedWork

Cheerful plants and pots to "garden" inside all year.


Love, Dream, Friendship Tea Towels - Hand Embroidery

Thoughtful Words with Pretty Flowers Hand Embroidered on 6 Bright Tea Towels.

From $10.00

Love, Dream, Friendship Tea Towels - Machine Embroidery

Thoughtful Words with Pretty Flowers Machine Embroidered on 6 Bright Tea Towels.

From $18.00

Loving Hearts RedWork

3 RedWork Designs to Make Each Day Valentine's Day!


My Favorite Things RedWork - Hand Embroidery

A Collection of RedWork Favorite Stitching Treasures For Your Sewing Basket!

From $10.00

My Favorite Things RedWork - Machine Embroidery

A Collection of Favorite Stitching Treasures For Your Sewing Basket!

From $21.00

A RedWork Sampler

Learn 18 Popular Embroidery & RedWork Stitches.

From $6.00

Bee Hive Sampler Pin Cushion

Applique Wool Bee Hive Sampler Pin Cushion with 10 Embroidery Stitches and Beautiful 100% Wool.

From $7.00

Benjamin Bunny

Needle Felted Easter bunny with a back pack to fill with goodies.

From $10.00

BIG Egg Basket Leaflet

An amusing little RedWork embroidery design to welcome Easter.

From $3.00

BIG FAT Strawberry Pin Cushion Set

A very BIG Wool Applique cushion with delicious wool colors.

From $6.00

BIG FAT Tomato Pin Cushion Set

HUGE Wool Applique pin cushion and Strawberry Emery like the old traditional set.

From $6.00

BIG Flowers Pin Cushions

Three Wool Applique Pin cushions with Unique Flowers in Beautiful Shades of Wool.

From $10.00

Bouquet Table Runner

Make a beautiful Wool Appliqued runner 36" up to 42".

From $8.00

Bunny Bunch RedWork

5 sweet Bunnies for Spring, Easter and just because....

From $10.00

Bunny Rabbit Door Stop

A Perky Bunny Door Stop Pushing a Flower Cart to Hold Your Door.

From $6.00

Coral Blossoms Needlework Set

A colorful Wool Applique pin cushion, emery and needle keep.

From $8.00

Easter Basket Mat

Fill a Wool Applique basket with decorated eggs for your table.

From $8.00

Easter Sampler

A RedWork or Colorful Sampler to Celebrate Easter and Spring

From $10.00

Easter Sampler Counted Cross Stitch

A Counted Sampler Celebrating ALL the Fun Elements of Easter and Spring.


Easter Tea Towels - Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroider a Set of Towel Designs Specially Designed for the Easter Holiday.

From $4.00

Eggs on Parade

Colorful Wool Appliqued Eggs March Across this Table Runner.

From $10.00

Folk-Art Bunny

A petite little needle felted bunny with a wonderful face.

Four Seasons in the Garden

The best Traits of Each Season are stitched in RedWork Quilt Blocks.

From $10.00

French Lavender Pin Cushion Set

A pretty set of 3 French Lavender Wool Applique needlework accessories.

From $8.00

Fresh Picked Tea Towels

Fresh From the Garden - 6 Tea Towels For Your Kitchen.

From $10.00

Fresh Strawberries

Emery and Pin Cushion Strawberries to add to your Ssewing Basket.

From $6.00

Friendship's Garden Quilt

Celebrate Friends with a Charming Quilt Embroidered with Sentimental Sayings.

From $24.00

Garden Sampler GreenWork

Garden Sampler GreenWork Wall Hanging and Ornaments

From $6.00

Garden Sampler GreenWork - Machine Embroidery

Garden Sampler GreenWork Wall Hanging and Ornaments for Machine Embroidery.

From $24.00

Kitchen Helpers Tea Towels

Vintage-Style Set of 6 Tea Towels

From $8.00

Lacey Heart Pin Cushion Sachet

An elegant Wool Applique heart pin cushion and sachet.

From $10.00

Leaflet - Floral Hearts

Quick wool applique of hearts and flowers.

From $3.00

Leaping Bunny Table Rug

A Wool Appliqued bunny leaping with spring joy.

$10.00 $4.00

Posy Pin Cushions

3 Pretty Wool Applique Flowers Atop a Stuffed Pin Cushion.

From $10.00

Quilts In The Garden - Hand Embroidery

Three RedWork Quilts displayed on a Clothesline in the Garden.

From $6.00