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Animal Stackers Tea Towels

LOTS of Embroidered Barnyard Animals Piled on Each Other for a Set of FUN Tea Towels.

A Bunch of Animals from the Farm Are Best Friends and Hang Out Together Getting Rides Around the Yard on Your Tea Towels.  Add Some FUN to Your Kitchen and Embroider These Colorful Characters.  You Can Also Embroider In Just One Perle Cotton Color for a Sharp Dramatic Look to Your Towel...Quick-To-Stich That Way Too!

Trace your designs directly onto your machine washed and dried towels with a Brown Pigma marker.

If you DO NOT like to trace, use Sticky Fabric Solvy. Print the designs on the Sticky Fabri-Solvy and pull the printed film off and finger press onto your towel. Add a hoop and get stitching in just minutes - super stuff!

Stitch your towels in colors of #8 Perle cotton or pick a single coordinately color and stitch up your Tea Towels as RedWork, BlackWork or a color to complement your home. The great tea towels have a creamy background with colorful stripes and measure a generous 20" x 28".

#8 Perle Cotton colors used: 322 Blue, 352 Peach413 Gray498 Turkey Red, 783 Gold, 920 Rust, 3346 Green.  Use our Perle Cotton "bubbles" to keep all the floss colors organized and not in a tangle in your embroidery basket as you stitch.

Handy Hint: thread a Perle Cotton Needle with each of the 6 Perle Cotton colors to speed your embroidery.

Tea Towels used as shown:  Red, Sage Green, Gold and Black Stripes. Use the 7" Morgan No-Slip hoop to stitch your towels.

Picture of Animal Stackers Tea Towels Pattern - 645
Animal Stackers Tea Towels Pattern - 645
SKU: 645-Pattern
Animal Stackers Tea Towels Special Materials Packet
Includes Pattern, 4 Tea Towels, 7 Perle Cotton Colors and Needles for Perle Cotton Package.
SKU: 645-SpecialMaterialsPacket
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